AIE's vast experience and knowledge in Emergency Response has resulted in expertise and understanding, during what can be a very costly, chaotic, and streessful time for our customer's. With Emergency Response as our core competency, we stand ready and able to establish the appropriate response/mitigation to serve both the project and customer's needs. 

AIE's Emergency Response teams have successfully controlled a broad spectrum of incidents through the highest of professional standards and cost effective solutions. 

  • High Hazard/ Industrial Fire Fighting
  • Rail/ Highway Incidents
  • WMD Response and Cleanup
  • Chemical Response
  • Blowout Support Services
  • Air Monitoring
  • Post Incident Remediation
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Clandestine Laboratory Response
  • Oil Spill Response (USCG OSRO #216)
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Support
  • Field Sampling
  • Reactives/Explosives Management
  • National Network for Disposal Services




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